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Slow Times. 

  Boring! Nothin' to do...
Where to start....
Well XvsSF is pretty quite for the time being. There has not been alot happening "game wise", since the last update of the game on February 28th.

I think most of you will remember that update very well...Thats the one where Evil Ryu was introduced into the game and there was a HUGE increase of V.I.P. members within the community.

There is a reason for the "slow times" though...
TMyApp has FINALY taken a well deservered and need break from coding the game, in order to maintain is own well as to "just take a break".

But fear not, TMy is still coding the games next relese, wich is to be expected before April 30th.
And is also still working/making preperation for the first Official XvsSF Tournament. the "Shadowloo Assualt". Wich is still "Yet to be announced", but has informed me that the event is still on the schedule.

It was also around the same time as the release of version 0.7d. The Battle Grounds Forums went down for about a week, possibly due to an attack on the servers by hackers...But since that time Mastaq (aka: Dark Masta) has been able to get Battle Grounds up and running again. This time with a new formal "starched" look, and better features.

Unfortunately this change has caused all prior Battle Grounds data to be lost. Meaning, if you had a private clan forum on Battle Grounds...You will need to recreate your Clans Registration page, and accept players, in order to have your clan re-instated in order to participate in any Battle Grounds activities.

Wich reminds me...I have heard rumor that a possible "Brawl For All" tournament may pop up unexpectedly...maybe even before the TOC4 tourny. So keep an eye out here at X-Force 2010 and Battle Grounds for more late breaking info about this event.

As for X-Force 2010...Well there is still many many things that need to be completed, and so little free time, and will power to complete them. Main priority for the site is to finish off the remaining art for Wolverine and Sentinel's moves. Wich hopefully will be complete within the week, and is also in negotiations with a couple of "big dogs" within the XvsSf community. In an attempt to bring even more content and material to X-Force 2010...and dare I say it...the game!

But there have been a few additions to the site recently.
KingRyu1 has written an excelent Spiderman Tutorial.
SolidSnake76 has also submitted some very insitefull material. He has produced a Sentinel Tutorial as well as a Wolverine Tutorial....So check 'em out, All three will give ya some information about the characters that you may...or may not have already known.

And..well..thats about it folks.

NoSoul4Evr March 29, 2003Official Discusssion

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