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Version 0.7e and Character Polls!. 

  Its that time again...
The long awaited event that EVERYONE has been talking about for the last week or more.

The Official Character Poll is now open, and awaiting your votes!
So head on over and place your vote.. (One vote per player... The ballots ARE logged, and if anyone is caught trying to cheat the polls... well..."insert general threats here".

All characters are up for nomination (as always)..So ,who ever the majority of the players vote for, will be what u'll get...

The Official Character Polls will be closed on June 7th 2003... at that point, you'll find out WHO exactly will be the next fighter introduced into the game, as well as "when" you can expect the winning character to be availble for game play.

As you can tell, I didn't get a chance to put in that "percentile estimate" for each character... but, I'll see what i can do in the next week or so.

So... if you want, you can hold on to you'r vote untill then... (or just vote for Gambit/Akuma the way you always do.)
Post all comments and bitching here.

Now onto the new update...version 0.7e... what can you expect ??

TWO new moves:

Wolverine's: Drillclaw-X (DOWN, FOWARD + 2 KICKS)
Ryu's Shin Shouryuuken (FORWARD, DOWN, FORWARD + 2 PUNCHES)

after talking it over with the VIP's, almost everyone agreed that it was a good idea to make Shin Shouryuuken public (since so many of you have been asking for it since... well... 0.1a )

Logan also got some tweaks. His BBX does a bit less damage and, Evil Ryu's "45 degree hyper" has been tweaked (to prevent it from hitting you "everwhere" )
Also, watch out for his Raging Demon... It is deadly once again!

Last but not least...Blanka can no longer be used 7 times.. all you cheap bastards will just have to get by with 5 now

That about wraps it up folks...Post all bugs in the "Bugs and Problems" section of the forum.... and as always... enjoy

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