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Who's next! 

  and the next character is...
oh.. OH ... we didn't see this one coming .. *sarcasm*...

well.. here are the results.. so YOU can decide

Blackheart: 105
Captain America: 51
Collosus: 92
Gambit: 395
Hulk: 33
Iceman: 1
Iron Man: 1
Juggernaut: 2
Magneto: 3
Omega Red: 36
Psycloke: 12
Sentinel (revised): 8
Silver Samurai: 46
Spiral: 4
Storm: 68
Shuma Gorath: 2
Sabretooth: 23
Rogue: 48
Venom: 73
War Machine: 58
Akuma: 434
Cammy: 88
Charlie: 19
Ken: 426
Zangief: 84
Dhalsim: 26
M. Bison: 39
Dan: 14
Sakura: 77
Dr. Doom: 101
Thanos: 172
Apocalypse: 326

Total: 4554
Fake Votes: 1312

... and if u'r not good with numbers, Akuma won, with Ken in 2nd... and Gambit in 3rd...

some other pointless info... in our last poll, we only had about 1800 votes... and to all of you bastards that DIDN't vote for Juggernaut (even though i did my best to give you hints that he would be very little work on my part) .. well.. u win this round... but i can still do "my thing" with XvsSF events final release date for Akuma ?? err.. i'll get back to you on that one... enjoy

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