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"Things are gonna be different...from now on, there is no thin ice...if they even step on the snow, ban them." --TMyApp

We are reaching a milestone in our community--the death of one site, the birth of another. In order to avoid past mistakes and problems, to keep law and order intact in this community, and to make this as enjoyable as possible, TMyApp has made a decision. From now on, there will be fewer warnings, and more bannings. If you dont read the forum rules, its your own damn fault. If I warn you, be very grateful, because I might have just as easily banned you...

Unsure of what the rules are? I STRONGLY suggest you go and study up on slip up, you get the past, I have noticed that vets and VIPs get treated less harshly--I do this too...its hard to be strict on someone you respect. But from now on, it dont matter who you are, you slip up, youre gone.

I dont want to be mean, but this is the way it has to be. Doing this may cause a few confused new people to be banned, but it will also keep another "dark ages" from falling upon this forum again.

Oh, and i want to warn you all--if you post here, you better be DAMN sure it follows all the rules, cause breaking a rule in an official topic? BAAAAD idea...

Viper2040 September 13, 2003Official Discussion

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