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The Awakening 

  ... Darkness falls... All light is banished from our world...
A dark Shoto awakens... the one who holds the power to end all hope...
One hero will rise to the challenge... One hero will face him... but, at what cost?
... beware... he awakens...

This is the very first release of the game that will continue to change the world of online fighting. If you are a big fan of XvsSF, this is the place for you! SFO is ALL that XvsSF was, and MORE!

Do you have an old account with XvsSF? No problem!
The old XvsSF username database has been imported with the new SFO release. So what that means is... you can simply login with your old username and password!

SFO also features a "character locking" system for all new players. Each fighter will have a number over his or her face. When you win enough multiplayer games to reach that number, (ie: you need to beat 20 people to get Character-X) then that character become unlocked, and available to you for play.

With the coming of Street Fighter Online, also comes the chance to be #1! Yes thats right folks, the beloved scoring system once used for XvsSF is back with the release of SFO. Thus giving everybody a fair chance at making a name for them selves on the highscoreboards. Good luck to all you score hounds out there.

Plus! To add to all the excitment.
Security for Street Fighter Online has been beefed up. Not only is there an army of new NWO Moderators to protect your rights within the game. SFO has had a great system installed for auto-banning people who abuse their VIP powers by giving out their passwords. The Administrators don't even have to lift a finger anymore... it, just happens. (Both the detection and banning)

Speaking of VIP's...Are you a VIP member? Want to know how you can get your "perks" back? Well, it is as simple as changing your password, nothing more! An email should have been sent to you in the last few days with all of the information you need. Didn't get it? No problem, contact us via:

If you have responded to our emails, it will be a few days before your VIP account will become active again. We will inform you about this via the email address you have supplied us with.

** NOTICE **
We are currently experiencing techinical difficulties with our primary user authentication servers.

If you are unable to login with your regular account, login with 'Player' (all server problems should be fixed soon)

We are still updating this website. More information on the game and the game play will be posted soon.

And as always, if you come across any bugs or problems within the game (excluding the login issues mentioned). Be sure to report them {here}

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