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Happy Holidays..

  Well folks... as you snuggle up with all the holiday cheer and get happy and drain down all the *cough* egg nogs you can find.. remember the words of one very famous gamer.. "play it safe?? hell no

Nothing much has happened in the worlds of SFO.... yeah right! The wt tournament is going as strong as ever.. and the latest one is already accepting sign ups... Go here to sign up. On a side note.. Kidkrazyshit has stated that no one is to start up threads for the WTs except Nferno666 and of course.. himself!

The clash of the spideys tournament hosted by blanka09 is going strongly.. While the 3rd round would be starting on Wednesday, the folks are finding it hard to contain their excitement.. Everyone wants to know what the prize would be. Well, I've got one advice.. Make sure you beat the one they call spiderman forever . For the latest news on the proceedings of the tournament, check The official site. The Street Fighter classic tournament is rapping up.. if you wanna know the latest buzz, click here

Elsewhere, TMyApp has requested ideas for the new website.. I for one think it's of no use.. but who cares what that bloody wombat thinks anyway?? ... then again, changes aren't bad. So go here and post ur thoughts and comments. I don't think it'll take an Eistein to figure out that the screenshots contest is a big part of the new website. So if you have any new screenshots that you know are good enough, send them to blanka09.

On the other side of the earth,... (well maybe not.. )... but there has been a little update to the X Force site. Akuma's tutorial has been submitted. It provides indepth strategies on how to use the evil shotokaner. Make sure you check it out. It also.. (for the first time in X Force 2010,) contains clips.. Yep! Clips that'll help you master each of the strategies. There'll also be updates in due time.. so just hang in there folks.

That'll be it for now.. And to all ye wombats who think it's cool playing SFO... Make sure you play it safe.. hecks no. Happy gaming folks.

Writen by blanka09 on Dec 29 2003