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State of the Realm (part III) 

  Well, things have been a bit slow lately in the world of Street Fighter Online... TMyApp has been quite busy lately.. taken care of "personal" things.. So he hasn't had much time to release a new version or any updates for the game.

However, things have been rolling smoothly in the forum and some major tournaments and events are beginning to unfold. Haohmaru2 has started brought back his millenium tourney.. and this one promises to be a big one. (... Don't ask.. I have no idea why. ). But be warned... the tournament is and only is by invitation. So if you weren't active in the game and the forum, then that could explain why you weren't invited to the tourney. The first round of the tourney kicked of on Wednesday 28th of January, 2004 and some winners have already immerged.

To find out more information on the tourney, click here. In total, 64 fighters are taking part and it promises to be huge.. (remember I said I had no idea why...Just forget you ever read that!! ).

The spˇderman tourney hosted by blanka09 is still on it's way and the semi finalists are beginning to emerge. At present, Asrbwettaw is the no 1 fighter in the tourney followed by shin~bison. Would he be the champion? or would shin~bison finally dethrone that wombat?? Or would I ever find out whether the chicken came before the egg?? All these compelling questions would be answered in due time.. just click here to keep urself updated.. well except the whole chicken and egg thing.. I have no idea where that came from .

Other tourneys on the way include abc345's death of the sentinels, Da Vipa's Shinshoryuken tourney and Solidsnake's Iron man brawl. Check out the forum to find out more on the tourneys.

For the first time, Kidkrazyshit has promised a prize for the WTs Due to the amount of fighters and consistency of this tournament, he has worked out a sorta prize schedule for the wt fighter who can rack up the most amount of wins up to a specific time. We at X Force wish we could tell you more about the prize... but we promised to keep it a secret and not tell. And by the way, we like our fingers the way they are..

At this point, I'd like to give every fan a taste of what is to come in X Force. In the coming months, there'll be a portion dedicated to tutorials.. and not just tutorials for characters, but for specific moves that we use when fighting in Street Fighter Online. Moves that we often use carelessly like the Raging Demon and the likes. We'll be teaching you how to maximize the full potential of each of the moves... Hopefully we wouldn't let that wombat from Paris hold us down!.. We shall overcome.. *cougH*.. .

To optimize your gameplay..(not just fighting strategies), follow the simples rules X Force has given here. Hope that helps.. Well, that'll be it from us, if there's anyffin you need to know, don't forget to pop in here from time to time... you'll be glad you did. Play is safe?? I think not! Happy gaming ppl.

Writen by: blanka09 on Jan 30 2004Official Discussion

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