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The Smackdown! 

  Greetings fellow SFO players...
As many of you have noticed the filters has been updated and has been update very well by yours truely Nferno666.

From now on the rooms WILL be PG-13 and if you try going behind the filter...guess what i'm there! so that word will be added instantly

As of February the BOTS will be more strict with flooders so watch what you say...
For example, you can not say a word with more than 4 of the same letters in a row(oooo,ssss and such).

And as of NOW (Tuesday, February 03, 2004 10:12PM Pacific Time)those that decide to flood even though i warn/kick you serveral times will get IP banned for an hour or untill i decide it's time to unban bahave!!

If you got any complaints or suggestions about the filter feel free to bitch at me @

Writen by: Nferno666, February 04 2004Official Discussion

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