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Dawn Of Rage! 

  ... dark times are upon us...
The days of the old heroes are all but gone... the way of the evil is becoming the way of the warrior...

Now, a new era is about to be proclaimed.
All rules are off... and all hope has been forgotten
The first, the biggest, the GREATEST SFO event is coming... embrace the rage April 7, 2004...

Well, it has been a while since we had an update...
So, why not break that trend with a post about the first Official SFO event ... ever !!

What is it ??
Well, i think i will just let you all speculate about that.

Unfortunately, due to my somewhat "busy" schedule lately.
I don't think we will have any updates until Dawn Of Rage is released (although, we are having some problems keeping the chat servers up, so, things may not go as planned,)

On a side note.
EVERYONE who uses the Internet should already know:
NEVER give out your password to ANYONE! Doesn't matter who they claim to be, or what they want to offer you in exchange (it will always be a lie).

Real SFO administrators, moderators and NWO are always identified by a special sound that is played in the game's chat when they enter it (not to mention their powers to kick/ban you).

But even they would NEVER ask for your password! In addition, NEVER email anyone your information unless its sent to the official email address: Failure to follow these rules will result in an automatic account termination.

As for the DOR event itself... Well, the only thing I can say is that it will be as big as NOTS, but not as big as DWX
... have fun guessing the rest (trust me, whatever you will come up with, you will be wrong)

Writen by: TMyApp, February 04 2004Official Discussion

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