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   The only way you wouldn't be aware of the latest event that'll be taking place in the world of Street Fighter Online, is if you've had your whole being (spirit, soul and body) in Mars.Heh.. Oh well, for those wombats not as big as Destination Weapon X (DWX).. but never fear, professor fingers is here.. *Cough* Don't ask where that came from

As expected we at X Force have all the latest news concerning the Dawn of Rage... so here it is.. Oh darn it! We promised to keep everything on the down low.. or it'll be our heads! And yup! We do love our heads. So sorry X Force fans, you'll just have to wait like everyother member to get the latest info on the Dawn of Rage. But if you want to join in the fun and guess (which.. we're very sure that you'll be wrong) check here

Aside that, noffin really interesting has been transpiring in the forum.. but due to some problems/ or should I say some misbehaviour, some members had their scores reset. So if you're among those who cheat just to get urself a higher rank, beware. TMyApp has his eyes on you. muhahahahahahah . And just a reminder for those fans of Battle Grounds, some of you have been using avaters that have been... err.. let's just say, well, having too much to do with the bare necessities. It's really unnecessary and you can as well go with normal avaters; oh and btw.. if you're wondering why your avaters have been deleted.. Don't bother!

To optimize your gameplay..(not just fighting strategies), follow the simples rules X Force has given here. Hope that helps.. Well, that'll be it from us, if there's anyffin you need to know, don't forget to pop in here from time to time... you'll be glad you did.

For all the latest info on the recent tourneys going on in Street Fighter Online, click here. The millenium tourney, (hosted by Haohmaru2) seems to be the most interesting. To find out more, click here. You'll see tho who did and who didn't make it to the third round.

Well, good luck and happy gaming to all ye wombats!.. Play it safe, (heck no!) Happy gaming folks.

Writen by: blanka09 on February 14th 2004Official Discussion

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