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   Well.. with the dawn of rage fully realized and the silencing of the lambs in full force, one can only ponder on how its arrival has affected the lives of every single soul presently swimming in this generation of Street Fighter Online. The presence of VIP hunters.. those who dedicate their well being to bringing down the forces known as the VIPs and every single VIP struggling to keep his or her intergrity and his/her right to be among the elite. The dawn of rage would definitely be an event to be remembered in the realms of Street Fighter Online. But we wouldn't bore you with more philosophical statements on the DOR.. if you want to be enlightened more about how this great event has changed the realms of Street Fighter Online, then I suggest you visit the Official forum" and find out more.

At this point, we are very well aware of the fact that Ken has been doing a lotta damage since the arrival of the DOR.. and as expected the presence of another shotokaner has taken gameplay in the land of Street Fighter Online to another interesting level. X Force 2010 has all the moves for Ken.. both VIPs and just ordinary moves.. and coming soon, Tutorials for Ken. Click here.

With the arrival of Ken, some tournament hopefulls have also started rearing their heads. If you want the latest news and info on all the latest tournies that have started in Street Fighter Online, then go to the Challenges and Tournament section of the forum. The finals for the Millenium tourney is yet to take place.. but the 2 finalists Blanka09 and digital~fighter should have time soon enough for all ye millenium tourney hopefulls.

Lately, some SFO Fans have been complaining of troubles with the upgraded version of Macromedia.. version 10. Well, for those who need.. really need a solution right away, and have exhausted every other possible means of help should try this page. we hope it'll solve most of ur problems.
If there are any other problems, we suggest you read the New Members Help center portion of the forum. It has answers to most of the questions you wish to ask.

Well, we'll leave you with the wise sayings of a very um.. wise wombat! Good luck and happy gaming to all ye wombats!.. Play it safe, (heck no!) Happy gaming folks.

Writen by: blanka09 on April 25 2004Official Discussion

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