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Faster SFO Support E-Mail! 

   Okay folks...
Now I know how busy you all are, but due to some recent incidents and some thoughts... ergo, bitching.
TMyApp and myself have decided to change the way things are done around here a little bit.

A while ago, there were problems in the forum that led to TMyApp creating a topic about how y'all should behave towards the Mods/Admins/ and NWO around here, and since he's not always around to answer to your bitc*.... umm... problems.
We've decided to share the burden with him, ergo, when you bitch to TMyApp about a mod, you're bitching to myself as well!

So this is how things will be from now on.
If you have problems in regards to the forum or game... someone flaming you, smackdown bullying you, or just need help getting the game to run, send an email to contact me personally (if you have that info).
I repeat.. everything that has to do with forum or game problems,questions or complaints, send mail to

However, if you have account problems... like auto termination, and you're sure you haven't given out your passwords or any of that sort, send an email to
I repeat everything that has to do with your ingame account, send your questions and concerns to
This way those who need their accounts reactivated will have a shorter wait.

We hope that these changes do not inhibit your forum drills.
We're just making these alterations to the SFO mailing system for the best of the community as a whole.
TMyApp has been uber busy and in order to help you guys more effeciently, we've seen it fit to input some division of labor.
So from now on, any forum problem... send that email to

The reason I keep on emphasizing on this is, if you send the email to the wrong address, your issue will take MUCH longer to be resolved.
And if you start bitching and complaining about us not replying to your mails, you'll face another man with his finger on the button... and it's not TMyApp this time.

Writen by: Nferno666 on May 17 2004Official Discussion

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