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Character Polls Open 

   Gather around children, for it is time to vote for the next character to be added to Street Fighter Online!

And this time (just like every time) it couldn’t be any simpler! Just head on over to:

and cast your vote! Then, come back (or, just don’t go anywhere) on August 7th, 2004 (our 3 year anniversary) to find out which character was picked, and when you can expect him or her to be added to the game.

Some “side notes”, as u can tell, only SF chars are up for grabs (for ... obvious reasons). Will this change in the future? Who knows, but for now, those are the “choices”

Last but not least, I don’t really have much planned for August 7th (@least I’m being honest ) so I’m not even sure what kind of “update” (if any) everyone can expect that day. but, one thing I can promise (and you can quote me on this in the future) there WILL be some amazing updates to the game this year

(and then of course there is DWX, which will be the “end all” to any and all SFO events of past, present and ... the near future)

And, that’s about it for now... so, go... vote and... bitch, when your character is not picked
Writen by: TMyApp June 21 2004Official Discussion

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