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Let the voting begin. 

   Good day to all ye folks, fans and wombats of's that time once again when we come together like a good happy fami.. err community (riight).. and vote for the next character for Street Fighter Online. As we're all aware of, various events have made good ol' TMyApp restrict the amount of characters we can vote for... ergo, we can only vote for characters from Capcom, featured in the versus series of the old school arcade game SFO was modeled in.

However, that shouldn't reduce the enthusiasm as most forum fans have been debating on who should be the next SFO player... it's been keenly debated.. and it seems three characters have taken the fore front. Those are Dan, Charlie and Sakura. X force would produce some of those screenshots for ur viewing pleasure. Note that these aren't official SFO screenshots.. you'll get them when they're available.. however, these are just what to expect if.. the character you're rooting for gets to win the contest.


Aside these, nothing spectacular has come up in SFO.. except the announcement of the global unban event.. What is it?? What does it entail?? These and many other questions would be answered next time our X Force 2010 insider gets more info.. (but we think it's as obvious as it should be )

For more news concerning debates and other important topics that have been brought to our attention, we suggest you go to the SFO Forum and read all about it.

Till next time, play it safe and.. happy gaming!

Writen by: blanka09 on April 25 2004Official Discussion

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