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3 Long Years 

   My god, its been 3 years already? Where does the internet-packet-propelled time go? *sigh*

Well, if haven’t been here long enough to remember the “golden age” of XvsSF, u’ll probably have to find one of my old threads… because to be honest, after all this time, I’m starting to forget all the small “details” of what happened during the first few days of the game’s release.

Nevertheless, here we are… still up… still running… with almost 700,000 registered users, we are stronger and bigger than ever.

SFO/XvsSF/PX (whatever you want to call it) was always a bit of a mystery to me. It was never advertised and was never made or designed for profit… yet, just last Feb, it was amongst the top 40,000 websites around the world… brining in over 1.8 million unique hits in one month alone…

The secret? … you tell me

The days of TMyApp caring what “character” will be put in next have vanished over 2 years ago… since then, the game has been made “for the people”. The only reason it is still online, the only reason it is still being updated… the ONLY reason you can pick “wolver¡ne” despite all threatening letters in the world… is because of your support. And by “support’ I mean: you (the player) “supporting” the game by … well… playing it

And as long as the above stays true… as long as there are still n00bs who “drawbreath” from their home-made dungeon-like rooms of Moria… loading up their wonderful speed-hacks in hopes of becoming the #1 SFO player… only to have their scores reset to negative ten billion hours before the release a of a new character… Street Fighter Online… WILL … live on…

And what awaits the great community of SFO in the future? Who can say? (well, actually I can… *cough* ) … It is not just new characters and over-the-top events like DWX… because after being here for 3 years I finally realize what the people really want:

HELPERS !!!… each more identical than the last… projectile driven, and 10 frames of animation powered… HUNDREDS of them… spewing from every pixel of the 384x224 screen… and if that fails, then how about the first ever “Everyone Against Barney Official Tournament” (EABOT)? … in which you battle Barney himself (who does not fight back) for over 10,000 consecutive rounds! And the prize? Why, a new version of the Guile Helper of course… How ya’ like that? …

Alright… there is very little I can add to the pointless rant above (considering I’ve went over the story/history of PX so many times over in the past), so perhaps I’ll just open up this thread to pointless memories and endless flames

… last but not least… believe me when I say:

the history of SFO is not in its past… it is still in its future… but of course, only time will truly tell its fate…

Dreams don’t die.

Writen by: TMyApp August 07 2004Official Discussion

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