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   Welcome all ye X Force 2010 fans.. it's that time of the da...mont.. yea.. argh skip it; when we bring you the latest news as to what's happening in the world of Street Fighter Online. Last time, we gave you the latest scope on how the votings might be tipped... however, we can't shape what character is chosen in the world of SFO next.. not even TMyApp can decide that. It's all in the hands of the fans.

However, that's old news now... what's in the air?? Love?? Hell NO! It's the WORLD WARRIOR Tournament.. hosted by the Admins, Moderators and creators of It promises.. as always to be the biggest tournament ever.. and all characters are allowed. So Spidey lovers and Cyclops worshippers, you wouldn't be denied your fair chance to actually win this tournament.

All/any info needed can be found at you can find tourney info, dates, time, contact list and in the works, tutorials and screenshots. Everything you need in a tournament site can be found there.

TO sign up for the tournament, click here.If for any reasons, you have any problems with the tournament or want to sign up... yet you don't have a forum name, send an email to our X FOrce 2010 news reporter/updater, blanka09 @ you'll get a response within 48 hours. However, please note that the organizers of the tournament have left their contact info out there for questions and problems as regards to the tournament.. and not to just chat! .. so please keep all comments tasteful and we'll help out as much as we can.

Till next time, play it safe folks.. happy gaming!

Writen by: blanka09 on July 30 2004Official Discussion

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