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The Mega, "Why" Topic 

  ... all questions will be answered, all suspicions will be put to reset .. and with some luck, no one will have to be banned ever again, upon reading the nugget-like gems of invaluable info found in the "Mega Why Thread" of SFO

but first (in the traditions that date back to our forefathers) ... a rant:

QUESTION: why is it that every single time someone tries to speak their mind ... or points out something important about SFO ... or better yet, ask an intelligent question in a mature manner .. they (of all people) get banned for doing so ??

ANSWER:They dont. Because the above scenario ... has NEVER happened.

... allow me to enlighten you: despite the talks of "oppression" and "dictatorship", the little thing called "intelligence" will never be suppressed in SFO ... but unfortunately, things like "intelligence", "common sense" (which as we all know is NOT common) .. and more importantly "respect" .. are very hard to find in today's world (with the SFO community being no exception)

too often do the users flame one another ... the community ... the game ... the mods/admins (ie: the very same people that should be respected like the rest of us) ... and so seldom does anyone actually ask "why" ... instead of allowing their ignorance to fill the precious void that is cyberspace

how often do we have people claiming that "something sucks" in SFO ?? that "everything is corrupt" .. and/or make outrages claims that make even the most seasoned conspiracy-theory-buff turn away in a moon-landing of disgust ??

look, we're all people ... and we all have our "bad days" ... and for some of us (ie: mods and admins) those "bad days" could happen every single day ...

what you have to remember is those of us who maintain this community may be dealing with "stress" and/or other "challenges" you may not even be aware of ... perhaps that "someone" has just spent a few hours of his day (voluntarily, on top of say .. "work" or "school") reading and answering countless emails (most of which were not that pleasant to read) ... or they have spent the last months/years running the very chat servers which allow everyone to enjoy SFO ... spending hours upon hours (here and there) maintaining those servers ... dealing with hardware issues .. or spending money out of their own pocket on something that they themselves may not even enjoy ... or maybe, just maybe ... they've spent a great portion of their lives dedicated to keeping SFO safe ... from all those who try to harm it (and thus, try to take SFO away from all those who enjoy it)

but what maybe seen as a "shocker" to someone of you, is that none of what i've just said was meant to apply to me .... i was in fact speaking about the deeds and actions of other mods, admins and NWO's of SFO ... (aka: those same people that a lot of other people seem to "hate" much too often)

but you know what, none of that is the point .. none of us are here to receive the "thanks" for what we do ... but the very least (that i personally think we all deserve ... as human beings) is this overlooked thing called "respect"

and how do you show respect towards others ?? there are many ways ... but the only one we'll address in this thread, the idea of asking "why"

... simple isn't ?? expanding your mind ... gaining answers ... addressing issues ... and solving problems ... all that (and more) is grated ... (along with respect) when one decides to NOT spread ignorance and/or misguided opinions .. and instead, asks the question of "why"

and why is "why" so important ?? simple ... because more often than not, we don't have all of the answers ... everything in life has a reason (well, maybe not everything ... but let's just say that everything in SFO does has a reason of "why" things are the way they are)

allow me to demonstrate the power of "why" ... instead of jumping onto the SFO forum and yelling (all in caps, in a true n00b-like fashion):

"GAME VINDICATOR SUCKS ... it like makes my computer slow and junk"

one could take the "respectful" and "intelligent" approach, and put his/her concerns in the form of a question:

"Why does the Game Vindicator slow down my computer or my version of SFO ??"

... wasn't that simple ?? did you feel the respect and maturity that would have been gained by someone if they were to ask an intelligent question such as the one above ??

now, (un)fortunately i have already answered the above question in the semi-newly updated GV thread (in the "bugs" section of the forum), but before i open up this thread to a brand new flow of intelligence and paradigm-breaking, let me address some of the questions that have been floating around recently (mostly thanks to flaming and/or hate posts on other forums :biggrin: )

Q: Why do people get banned for speaking their mind?

A: As mentioned above, they don't ... people get banned for not showing respect towards other human beings and/or mods ... and/or for not allowing themselves to act and/or speak in a mature and intelligent manner ... want proof ?? use this thread ... ask ANY question you want ... (while using the guidelines above) and see of just how one does get treated (with respect) when they decide to respect others in the first place

Q: Why are players under the age of 18 allowed to become moderators/admins/NWOs?

A: Because here at SFO, we respect everyone based on "who they are" ... and not on "how old they are". As some of us already know, "age" has little to do with "maturity". And in the world of cyberspace ... we donít know what you look like ... we donít know where you live ... we may not even know how old you are and/or your sex ... and better yet, we dont even want to know .. The people that do get promoted, are promoted based on their actions, their contribution towards the community, and for the manner in which they bahave (and guess what, you can be 25, but when you spam/flame the forum, when right next to you a much younger SFO player show intelligence and respect of a person twice your age ... what does that say ?? )

Q: Why was SFO sued by marvel?

A: First off, SFO was never sued by anyone. Second: even XvsSF was never sued by anyone. It is true, many moons ago, marvel did have issues with how information was presented on the old page ... and those issues were solved ... once again, many moons ago ... and for all those who were wondering, it is indeed true: everyone knows about SFO ... from the first person that we talked to at marvel, to the mods on the Capcom forum that posted a link to XvsSF (back in the day) ... and if you do a bit of web searching , youll see that were right up there ... in plain sight ... known by "all", and of course, respected by "few"

Q: TMy, what type of Lexus did you buy with the millions you made on SFO?

A: Well actually I decided to go with a "Golden Rocket Car" (2001 model) ... and .... *thinking* ... wait a minute, thats a trick question isnt it ?? :biggrin: ... anyway ...  as mentioned in the Official SFO VIP FAQ, any amount that people might choose to donate has always been less than what it costs to keep SFO running ... and when someone decides to "do the math" of how you can run SFO on a single 486 computer with a $15/month hosting plan, dont forget that we are talking about a 27 meg game that is being downloaded about half a million times each month ... (on a "good" month that is) ... there are bandwidth costs, server costs, hardware replacement costs (i cant remember how many hard-drives, power supplies ... and god knows how many other computer-related parts had to be purchased, replaced, re-purchased ... replaced again ... *sigh* .. believe you me, the list goes on) ... but if you want to prove me wrong, grab your $15/month and run your very own/better SFO ... have fun :biggrin:

Q: Are there any plans to create a new name/title for our 500,000 VIP members?

A: Well I was thinking "uber-VIP's" but... wait a minute, that's another trick question isn't it ?? ... whoever is writing these sure is clever :biggrin: ... seriously though, when was the last time you went into the SFO chat server and saw even 10,000 people logged in at once ?? ... and how about 200 people ?? ... and how many of them were VIP's ?? ... exactly ... if in some distant future we are lucky enough to have even 3,000 dedicated VIP's I'll be really impressed, but for now, I don't think we even have 800 active VIP members ... however, we do have a track record of 5+ years running and over 1.3 million registered SFO players (and god knows how many others who played without registering)  ... so, I'll let you calculate the percentage of just how many people decided to donate, versus how many that did not (even if you use the fictitious 3,000 number)

Q: Why doesn't the Vindicator like me going to certain websites?

A: You mean, GV didn't like you going to a site that has game hacking software? *gasp*... how dare it! You just go right ahead and right-click on GV's icon in the bottom right of your screen and close it ... that will show it who's boss! :biggrin: ... but on a serious note, let's not forget that SFO is not "just a game", it is a "browser" game ... and since the job of the Vindicator is to make sure that you are operating in a cheat/hack free environment, it also has to make sure that your browser is secure ... and of course as mentioned on the GV's website, the SFO's FAQ, the Vindicator license agreement... and god knows where else ... GV is a very safe piece of software that will never collect your information or damage your computer in any way ... it has a very simple job: to check for hacks/cheats and to label people as being either "vindicated" or ... not label them as "vindicated" ... but if you think that GV is the devil, and that it will steal your soul in order to sell it on eBay ... then RUN FOR THE HILLS !!!! (or don't use SFO/GV ... whichever works better for you)

Q: Is there such thing as a "stupid question"?

A: Most definitely. The point of this thread is to allow everyone to expand their mind, as well as provide some pointers on how one could sound more mature/intelligent ... but if your aim is to attack SFO or it's mods/admins/NWO's ... or to disrespect the SFO community in any way, what you think will happen ?? ... Remember, SFO is a free game ... it is offered free of charge to anyone and everyone, providing you and others with thousands of hours of free entertainment ... if you do not approve of how things are done in the world of SFO, then donít forget that no one is keeping you here against your will ... in a way (for all those who run or help to maintain this community) SFO is like our "home" ... and if you come to our house with aim to disrespect us and/or to attack the very fabric of this community ... we will restore order ... (would you not do the same in your "home" ?? ) ... likewise, if in turn you voice your concerns in a mature, intelligent and respectful manner (ie: of how the "hard" questions have been asked and answered in this thread) ... then in turn, you will be given the same respect back

it does trouble me however that i have to go out of my way to create threads like these (basically: "point out the obvious" that does not seem so "obvious" to the majority of the users ) in order to have hope that one day, we can all at least "try" to respect one another, as all human beings should

and so ... let the mind-expansion of the Mega Why Thread begin! ... ask whatever it is that burdens you, or whatever it is that you heart desires ...  no matter how "tough" the question may be, either myself or another member of the community will be more than happy to provide you with the answers you seek ... (within respectful limits of course)
Writen by: TMyApp March 6, 2007 Official Discussion
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